COVID Practices

OVERVIEW During the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we all need to do our part to keep workers, customers and the public safe and healthy so we can stop the spread and prepare to reopen the province, when we are ready. Below is a set of resources, tips and best practices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and work together to reopen the province. Employers and workers in Ontario have certain duties and rights under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and its regulations. Employers should also review and follow any applicable directives and guidance coming from the Chief Medical Officer of Health and Ministry of Health.


We know that every workplace is unique which makes it so important that every workplace assess functions carried out by their workforce to ensure they take action to protect against the hazards presented by exposure to COVID-19.

We realize this year will be somewhat different due to Covid-19, our cleaning staff has been carefully preparing for your arrival, your comfort and safety is our highest priority!

As with most things these days, please expect the resort experience to be adjusted this year to ensure Covid prevention measures are in full force.Rest assured everything that you love about Sauble Beach, the Lake, natural beauty, fresh air and relaxation- will be open and available to enjoy for your visit.

Practicing physical distancing (staying 2 metres away from others), minimizing contact with droplets of mucous or saliva, keeping hands, surfaces and objects clean, and preventing contact with potentially infected people – are all critically important measures. 

As always here at the Bel Air we have kept in accordance with the best cleaning practices and measures possible. We will continue to do so taking extra care to go over all surfaces and using the proper Disinfectant Cleaning solutions that kill Covid-19 (Corona Virus). Our disinfectant product is delivered from SWISH: Virucidal-ES15. Be assured that we are taking the utmost measures for the safety and comfort of our guests and our community.


Cottage cleaning and maintenance can include cleaners, repair workers, maintenance personnel and others that require access to the interior or exterior of personal temporary residences.

Cottage cleaners and maintenance workers do come into contact with customers and their surfaces; including linens, money, furniture, fixtures, supplies and Beach or Sporting equipment as you go about your holiday, please use the same measure as you would in your own home while staying in ours temporarily, please disinfect all high touch surfaces as you use them each day.

* Workers could potentially come in contact with respiratory droplets from these interactions- Please take a look at where you can help to minimize those risks within your Cottage Rental. 


All existing safety, sanitation, and infection control standards established by licensing agencies and public health authorities are still in effect.

To protect yourself from some of these hazards consider the following options:

Be sure to keep up with good hand washing and avoid touching your face. Extra hand washing is a good idea for everyone – and when that’s not possible, a good hand sanitizer should be used frequently and kept nearby.

Consider setting a practice like disinfecting your hands and any surfaces touched after each interaction. 

Integrate physical distancing in activities. Are there tasks you can minimize or eliminate?  Is it possible to control how many people you’re interacting with? Physical distancing is recommended, so if you can ensure distance between yourself and other guests. Consider controlling entry points to designated areas and limiting the number of people in an area.

Is there an opportunity to put barriers in place between yourself and people you have to interact with? For example, a ‘window’ with open/close capability between interactions.

Increase your cleaning frequency – on everything. Be sure to follow safe practices and use an appropriate cleaning agent.

In addition to the above recommendations, you should consider protective equipment as part of a complete hazard assessment. Equipment is only effective if people understand its limitations and wear it correctly.

Workers will use protective equipment as required by their employer. If physical distance and separation cannot be maintained, protective equipment consisting of surgical/procedure mask and eye protection (goggles or face shield). 

Updates will be on the business’s voicemail and website and other external communications to reflect current business practices in place during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We will be easing penalties on cancellations to encourage customers to reschedule visits to their Cottage if they are feeling unwell.

Eliminate or Minimize Exposure Physical Distancing

  • • Integrate physical distancing in activities- maintain a distance of at least 2 metres during interactions.

Control and reduce how many people you’re interacting with at once.

Physical distancing requires fewer persons within an enclosed space ( your occupancy maximum stated in each Cottage 2 – 6 people) and maximum of up to a group of 10 outdoors at one time, following social distancing in between families at 6 feet apart elsewhere on the property.

Hand Hygiene- Proper hand washing is key. Use good hand washing technique and avoid touching your face. Extra hand washing is a good idea for everyone – and when that’s not possible, a hand sanitizer with minimum alcohol content of 60% should be used frequently. Be sure to keep an adequate supply of soap, paper towels, disinfectants, etc. with you during your stay.

Disinfection and Sanitizing

Guests are responsible to thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces and remove all of their personal belongings such as linens, kitchen supplies and washroom amenities- including all garbage (to be secured tightly by guest) prior to check out, minimizing risk to our employees and future guests to the Cottage.

Where applicable minimize potential for contamination.

Minimize or eliminate tasks that disturb surface dust and particulate.

  • • Please provide your own thoroughly disinfected cleaning cloths, sponges and mop heads.
  • • For any soiled towels, sheets, laundry etc., minimize shaking and disturbance; Improve fresh air intake/air circulation with open doors and windows at Check-Out.
  • • Visibly dirty surfaces should be cleaned with soap and water before disinfection. Be sure to use appropriate cleaner and disinfectants for the job and follow safe use practices. Public Health Ontario offers more information on cleaning and disinfection protocols if you require further instruction.
  • • Ensure the cleaning regimen includes specific attention to commonly touched surfaces like door knobs (both sides), counters, electronic equipment touch points (Light switches, TV Remotes) and equipment such as Fridges, Microwaves, Stoves and BBQ’s and of course proper washroom sanitization.

Other Control Measures

Customers/clients may be asked to wear a face covering (non-medical or cloth mask) to protect those around them when not able to maintain safe distancing.

Bel Air Safety Procedures and Guest Guidelines as per the information provided by:

The Health & Safety Guidelines related to the Tourism and Hospitality Sector

The Health & Safety Guidelines for Reception and Front Line Staff

The Health & Safety Guidelines for Housekeeping and Laundry

The Advise of Grey Bruce Public Health Unit under s.22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act when considering how we can reopen our doors to guests